Reserve Time Together

 Please read all information below to have this adventure move quickly.

Thank you for wanting to schedule your time with me.
For our mutual safety, please follow these screening requirements when requesting an appointment.  If you are unwilling to provide this information, I am sorry but we cannot meet.

  • Fill out all information required below including your real first and last name, your email address, and phone number.

  • If we have not met before, you must be willing to be screened. If you are a member of a verified site like P411 or any of the other sites I am on…. please send a PM. If you are not then I will need a selfie with a valid government issue ID like DL.. I want to see you are the person coming to see me. You can cover DOB I just want to see your name and that it is a valid ID. I do this for my safety. Thank you….

If you have a question, please ask here.

Gifting for my time only. This is not an offer of pay for play. You agree that no illegal activities are requested nor done when contacting me as well…What happens between two CONSENTING ADULTS is their business and no one else…That being said let’s connect and have some fun💋

Outcalls may have a travel fee depending on location.

Please view time donations below:

  • 175~45 minutes”Personalized GF” playtime

  • 225-250~60 minutes “Personalized GF type”

  • Playtime~Toys 

  • Outfits~Requests

  • 350~90 minutes Personalized “GF type” experience…Safety first, Always…

  • 500~DinnerDate

  • 3hours of Dinner plus Dessert….

  • Multiple hours are available as well…. 600~3hours/750~4hours/900~5hours/1000~6hours

  • Overnights are available at my location only…starting at 1200~Weekend trip are 2000 Fri-Sun or any 3 days picked….

  • Kissing, consensual touch and affection is available. I do not visit ANY islands if you catch my drift…I do enjoy my toys however…And I don’t mind people watching me enjoy myself 🙂 Please be respectful when visiting my location and hygiene is important..Please come freshly showered as I will be myself…Shower can be available depending on location….