Time Donations

Time Donations are for my time only. Each session is personalized for your specific needs. I do take into consideration your time need as well as what you are requesting. I do have limited availability so please give ample notice to try and schedule accordingly. I have many different time options available as well as monthly ongoing VIP memberships. Screening is required for my comfort as well as yours. No smoking of any kind in my location please. If you are interested in energy healing or other mind~body~soul experiences please call:


Please be respectful and discrete when calling. Rude or disrespectful inquires will be promptly disconnected. Thank you for your time and I await your call with a open mind and heart….. I’m currently available in Colorado for now….

Pre Screening AND Pre booking now:

Touring areas and dates:

In Denver for now

Touring Donations:





All donations listed below are for my time only. What may happen during my time is done is between 2 consenting adults and IS NOT because of my time donations listed below:

Energy Work Only

200~60min*Denver only*

FBSM/Bodywork only

250~60min*Denver only*

EGFE~DinnerDate~Travel Companion with Passport…





1,200 4hours





Edge Training/CBT


Other types of fetish/role play are considered only when discreetly inquired about and as long as they are safe and legal.





1,250~ 4HR

Fly me to you options includes prepaid priority boarding ticket with baggage. Car to and from airport (unless you provide a driver) plus clothing allowance if I need to shop for a function or event. A private room attached to yours will also be requested.

So that I may have some privacy when handling private affairs, or sleeping. Once everything is agreed upon half of the amount will be transferred to me. The remainder will be provided when I arrive. I LOVE to host and cook so a place with a kitchen would be greatly appreciated. Anything else we can agree upon privately.




7 days~9750

I provide a exclusive monthly membership for repeat monthly members only.

You MUST BE SEEN at normal rate before eligible for a VIP membership .

All Memberships on include VIP scheduling and take priority over any other appts requested.

Memberships will be paid with full amount every month.

Month to month and it can be cancelled by you or me at anytime.

Once the sessions are used.

If I don’t feel we are a match, after the first month

I will communicate this with you or visa~versa.

The memberships available are as followed:

3/60min visits per


4/60min visits per month~900 *Can be used as 2/2 hour visits

5/60min visits per month~1100

6/60min visits per month~1300 *Can be used as 3/2 hour visits as well💋

Overnights are ~1800 (doesn’t include travel costs if DMTY or FMTY)

Weekend Getaway

2 full days and nights
4,000 *half of donation is due at pre booking and remainder day of visit. Any travel expenses will also be taken care of by gentleman

*All dinners or shopping expenses are respectfully taken care of by client*
Any other extended visits or multi day trips will be discussed privately. This is ONLY available for gentlemen that have previously booked at normal donations.
I am also available for a month to month exclusive arrangement as well. Please call to find out details. I prefer quality gentlemen over quantity. So I am selective on whom I see and engage with

Any other monthly time requests will be discussed after the first monthly membership is used.

Each monthly arrangement is personalized for your specific needs or requests. So no two arrangements are alike. I prefer a unique and intimate experience.

These VIP memberships rates never expire providing each month is renewed each month💋